1997 Single Adult Conference
"Life Outside The Square"

November 7-8, 1997
Jersey Baptist Church

Praise the Lord!! 172 Singles attended the first annual State Singles Conference @ Jersey Baptist!

The Lordís hand was certainly in this conference. Throughout the entire process of bringing this conference together, the team organizing the conference (Pastor Jeff & Trent Spangler from JBC, Tim Carr from Northside Baptist, and Mary Lutz from Spring Hills Baptist) have remarked how the Lord was at work in how key elements of the conference have just fallen into place.

Having attended the conference, I can say that the Lord didnít stop with the preparation. He did a mighty work in those that attended the conference. The keynote speaker, Chris Eaton, was phenomenal. He spoke to the hearts of all when he shared a childrenís fable about a crab afraid to sink in the ocean. The moral of the story? Taking risks puts excitement and fun into your life. Chris is president of the company Bridge Builders, Inc., an agency which assists local churches in developing short-term mission teams. He shared many experiences about mission trips heís taken to Haiti, South America, and the Caribbean. He challenged us all to live "life outside the square" by ministering to those in need and witnessing to those without Christ Ė whether they are across the world or in our own backyard!

In addition to the keynote sessions, there were 14 different breakout sessions that could be selected to attend. The sessions were led by area Christian leaders from Grace Brethren, Spring Hills Baptist, Northside Baptist, First Love Church, Grove City Nazarene, and our own Pastor John, Pastor Phil, Pastor Jeff, and Paula Young (Pastor Paula?). Many were blessed by the sessions which included: Developing & Maintaining Long-Term Friendships, Singleness: Obstacle or Opportunity, Single Parenting, Is There Life After Divorce?, Holiness in Dating, and much more.

The festivities began with a coffee house and fellowship time on Friday evening. The WAC was open for basketball, volleyball, ping pong, Nintendo, and more. The fellowship hall was filled with Singles enjoy the coffee and wonderful pastries while enjoying the music of a band from Northside.

The music didnít stop there! Our on Dee Bedee shared a few songs during our worship time Friday evening, and during the worship activities Vision Co. led praises to the Father. All that attended were tremendously blessed with Godís presence during the worship times. And as if the weekend hadnít held enough already, Saturday evening ended with a concert by Star Song recording artist Chris Willis. WOW! This young man of God could sing! Greater than that, though, was his ability to speak to our hearts through the lyrics God gave him. Those that were too tired to stay for the concert missed a tremendous blessing.

If you did not attend this yearís Singles Conference, it is my hope that I have somehow conveyed to you the mighty work that God did in our midst. This was just the first annual Singles Conference at Jersey, so begin now to pray that God will continue to speak to the hearts of those who attended this conference and that Godís hand will be in the preparation for next yearís conference.

Article contributed by Denise Wood