The Bible

In the mail today I received a Bible, with the precious words I need,
So plain and so simple, all mine to sit and read.
The story inside was of our savior, and of those he chose to lead,
I never owned a Bible, I wondered if I believed?

I don't have the words to tell you, how I need his helping hand,
Even if this book will save me, as I pass through this land.
I can't say I will ever read it, but something you must understand?
The words inside won't hurt me, I know it's not his plan!

I know if I read one passage, each and every day,
By the time my life is over, I will know what to say.
How with death our lives start over, he said it was our way,
We will walk with our Savior, till eternity fades away.

by Keith Sherrard, December 11, 1997

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