All alone; no one to turn to,
Running hard against the wind,
Smiling faces, behind stone walls,
With no way out, and no way in.
Trying to walk out in the open,
When every instinct tells you to hide,
Seeing pictures of your family,
With no one noticing that you're not by their side.
In this place that used to be your home,
You're too different, you can't stay,
Everyone has turned their back on you,
They hear your cries, but look away.
You stand alone and you don't count,
You're the only one who fights the trend,
You're desperate to find a way out,
To heaven your meaningless prayers you send.
Then one day your eyes are opened,
The curtain lifts, you see the light,
Someone is there holding out His hand,
Grasping it, you both take flight.
In your loneliness you turned to the Lord,
The source of light, forgiver of sin,
The only one who will never leave,
No matter what, He invites you in.
Into His kingdom ruled by love,
Where fear is gone, pain has no place,
All you want is to stay,
Where this endless love is on every face.
But to help others find their way,
You know that you must return home,
For this is a journey that never ends,
And is not meant to be traveled alone.

This poem was found at the Live Poet's Society

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